Your alternate aerodrome in the world of social media

Based is a platform that aggregates all your social activity from various platforms and creates a shared feed. We aim to give you freedom, privacy, and the ability to keep and control your content in a decentralized network that is not subject to censorship or arbitrary deletions.

Decentralized network 👋

Social media can remove your content or even block your account at any time without warning or explanation. This can be extremely frustrating and potentially devastating for you as a content creator or publisher.

Based gives you a convenient way to manage your activity by collecting it from different social networks and storing it in a secure and decentralized network. We don’t require users to move to a new platform or leave their existing social networks. Instead, we aggregate and merge their content. This means you can stay active on your favorite social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

With Based, your content is stored in a distributed network of nodes, and no centralized organization can remove it without your permission. Your content and account remain under your control, and no one can interfere with or censor it.

In addition, Based offers the option to connect your own decentralized domain, which becomes the access point to your profile. This ensures reliability, resistance to censorship, and data protection.

Based is your reserve airfield, your plan B in the world of social networking. We understand that existing social networks can be unpredictable, and situations can arise where your content or account can be compromised. That’s why we offer you a backup solution, so you can maintain your social activity and retain control over your content.


Nazim Gafarov

Nazim Gafarov